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Charities Tamia supports


F.R.E.E. international

An organization that finds, rescues, educated and empowers victims of Human Trafficking.

Be a voice (beavoicenow.com) an organization that deals with the Demand side of Human Trafficking educating the entire family yet focusing strongly on the men because they are more often the ones driving up the demand for sex trafficking. If no one was purchasing victims there would be no money in the industry. Their goal is to drive down the demand while educating everyone on how they can help the victims and those who may be addicted to buying sex.

University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) Alumni veterans association.
Tamia is the Associations Secretary.
They serve the current students, faculty, staff and alumni who are veterans or current members of the Armed Forces.

International Association of Women Police Foundation helps educate and train police women worldwide. The foundation funds a scholarship for International police officers to be able to attend the IAWP annual training conference. Each year one officer is selected through a scholarship application process and funded through the IAWPF.

Tamia has served as Chaplain of the IAWP and on the board of the IAWPF from 2006-2018.

Domestic Violence Related shelters and education :

Safe Nest
Safe House

World Vision :
International Children Assistance


king Engagements and Events

Powerteam International Vision to Wealth Free Entrepreneur Night.


Tamia spoke at about Human Trafficking Awareness at the Family Empowerment Summit on Saturday, September 9th, 2017

“Featured Speaker at CCIC Conference”

Tamia spoke at CCIC Dream Big Inspiration Conference on April 14, 2017. She spoke about how to identify abusive relationships and personal safety.

Upcoming Speaking Event

Breakout Session: Writer Workshop with Tamia Dow

She is a two time award-winning international best selling author with six books under her belt. She’s a chaplain, an international speaker, trainer and coach. Tamia is the Chaplain for The International Association of Women Police and a Senior Chaplain and trainer with Messages Of Faith Ministries. She is excited to be sharing her knowledge and skills with you at her “Shine God’s Light Through Your Words” writing workshop.

In her session Chaplain Tamia will take you through creative processes that will help you find your message to the world. You will be doing Legacy Writing preparing the written word heralding what God has done.

Everyone has a message. Everyone has something to say. If you woke up this morning Know God still has work for you.

Please bring a notebook, colored pencils or pens and your favorite scriptures.


Human Trafficking – Silent Seduction

Academy presentation to the MOFM Chaplaincy Students educating on the definitions and tactics used to seduce our children both victim and offenders into the Sex Trafficking Game. April 29 at Las Vegas Metro Headquarters Contact Tamia to attend.

Chaplaincy Nevada Book Signing

Chaplain Tamia Dow and several of her co-authors will be signing their book “Faith Is Inspiring Stories From Las Vegas Chaplains” at their booth at the “Laughter for All ” event at the Henderson Pavillon on May 6 from 4-9pm. You can purchase their book at http://tinyurl.com/j6332cq


Book Reading and Signing May 7th
Tamia Dow featured Author



Stop the Violence Don’t Be Silent


Leave Your Literal Legacy



Entrepreneurs Living The Dream 2017


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